Waljat College of Applied Sciences (“WCAS”) was founded in 2001, pursuant to the wise vision of the Late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, and the government’s objective to build an educational platform with high international academic standards. It is based on our belief in the importance of education for the Sultanate’s development. WCAS, thus adds a landmark on the path of education in Oman, specializing in engineering, IT and business administration.

WCAS seeks to achieve several important objectives- high quality educational programs to ensure that our graduates get employment opportunities, and assist them in building their and the Sultanate’s future. To achieve this, we adopted academic programs consistent with the developments around the world, focusing on the significance of academic research and practical laboratory work.

To achieve these objectives and provide honest translation to such approach, WCAS created academic partnership with the Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi, India – one of the most respected universities, specializing in information Technology and Engineering in the Indian sub-continent. Such academic cooperation will definitely improve the quality of our academic programs, and enrich our intellect and knowledge.

Since our early days we have made sure that the students receive all the educational facilities, including classrooms and various laboratories, equipped with the latest tools and technology. This is to create suitable learning environment that will upgrade the students’ potential and perform their duties. By God’s grace, WCAS managed to attract large number of students, Omanis and expatriates. Many of WCAS graduates have earned prominent positions in very well known organizations.

In conclusion, I would like to convey my appreciation to all involved in this academic landmark and encourage them to continue their sincere efforts. I also encourage the students to make their best efforts to benefit from the facilities provided by WCAS. Wishing you all success in your academic and employment endeavours.

May God grant us the continuity of service to this great nation, and our glorious Sultan.

Dr. Omar Bin Abdul Muniem Al Zawawi